Long-Lost Friends -Friendship Day Poem

To see that face you’ve missed so much,

To feel that warmth inside.
To see how much you mean to them,
Reflected in their eyes.

To feel that sense of comfort
That you felt in times gone by.
To hug someone with all your might,
To laugh until you cry.

To escape to all those memories,
Those moments that you shared.
To feel each strong emotion,
As if you were right there.

To recall that sense of purpose
That you felt when so naïve.
And the world was open wide to you
And you were fearless and so free.

To remember all those special friends
Who have long since passed away.
To share regrets you each possess
And haunt you still today.

To reveal whatever pain you’ve had
In the years that have gone by.
And together feel so grateful
That somehow you both survived.

To know this person inside out,
Their past secrets and their schemes.
Who helped you through some troubled times,
And shared your hopes and dreams.

To know your heart and soul are safe,
And there is no judgment there.
And no matter what you say or do,
All they want to do is care.

To feel that love that makes you whole
And finally find yourself again.
No, there’s nothing better in this life,
Then being with a long-lost friend!

Updated: July 13, 2018 — 10:03 pm

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